1. pwright179

    Write Up Headed up to New England last week...

    Hello all: After a month of keeping the new (to me) 97 green Z3 at home in Philly, and having some 55 year old dad fun on the occasional sunny day, 'twas time to take it north to New Hampshire where it'll reside. Drove like a dream the whole way Philly to NH, including dropping the top near...
  2. Brendan Loghides


    Looking for some major help with my z3. I am unable to get the car started after swapping an s52 into the chassis as well as a manual swap. The car was a 1.9 auto before. I have gotten a new ecu, ews, key chip, and ews antenna for the ignition cylinder all matching wired up in the car. The car...
  3. Nicholas rose

    Noisy Pulley’s

    Hi All, I recently took on my fathers 1.9 M44 T Reg after it’s been stood for a while and when started there is a horrendous noise coming from the Pulleys (not a squeal more of metal on metal). I noticed that the AC pulley isn’t turning and the belt is just sliding over. Also, the main pulleys...
  4. S

    Another M44 emissions failure

    First MOT as owner of a R plate Z3 and failed spectacuarly on emissions. Attached is a copy of the emissions report, unfortunately its all alien to me. Any suggestions on potential solutions are appreciated.
  5. Luke_z3

    M44 performance?

    Hey guys Im in a bit of a hard spot right now. So I’m picking up another 97’ Z3 this weekend and I’m going to turn it into a drift car. So I’m taking out all the interior and trunk etc. but the problem lies beneath the bonnet (hood) the car has a problem with holding anti freeze and I’m pretty...
  6. Quinton

    M44 1.9i Codes p0340 p0130 p0135

    Hi m44 massive, i finally got round to reading codes on my z3 (1998 June) m44 1.9i after clocking up 100k. Ive recently replaced ICV which solved stalling/hard start when cold but have noticed some other minor issues when driving. The codes I am getting are (reoccurring after clearing) p0340...
  7. LeoIWH

    SOLD BMW z3 1.9 m44 engine breaking ended

    Various of BMW z3 m44 engine parts available, please message me for availability and price and i will get back to you! No problems no knock or bangs or leaks breaking because I'm doing an engine swap which you can find out here...
  8. B

    Overheating Problem No Solution found??

    Hi all,i am new on this site. I have my z3 m44 1.9 143 hp. One problem- So,i checked everything,i changed the water pump brand new,thermostat,i checked if the radiator is blocked somehow it is not. My engine overheats when i go on the motorway.It goes really fast to red,and when i switch on the...
  9. Graham Adamson

    Camshaft sensor issues.

    hello........ Looking for some sound advice regarding my '98 Z3 M44. It's been driving fine for the two short months I've had her. Very occasional hesitation on acceleration, almost like a 'flat spot' then drives fine. Sometimes stalls as well. It's been so infrequent it's annoying. Initially...
  10. Oldham1994

    M44 remap?

    Hi all, I've completed most of the major jobs and modifications on my car now and I was thinking about a remap to take advantage of it all. I was however booked in for a remap an hours drive away from me the other week only to find out when I got there, they didn't have the right kit to do it...
  11. Marvin

    Convertible top hydraulic pump

    Picture is of the hydraulic pump in the trunk. How do you add fluid in this hole in the center? 1998 Z3 Thanks Marvin