P0102 engine code


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Apr 12, 2016
Hi all

I've recently bought a 2003 3.0 Z4 and I'm loving it to bits so far. 72k miles on the clock and runs amazing with no driveability issues whatsoever. The only thing that's nagging me at the moment is I appear to have a P0102 code (MAF circuit A low). Haven't had a check engine light appear in the time that I've had the car and upon plugging my code reader in, it shows the freeze frame data which shows the amount of air measured by the MAF so I presume it's working fine. I have no cracks or holes in any vacuum lines as I've checked countless times. Surely if the MAF was naff then the car would run like poo? This isn't the case however. I'm hoping maybe it could be a dodgy connection somewhere? I've also tried cleaning the MAF but no joy yet. Could anybody help shed some light? Thanks