1. ScottDarkness

    One of you

    Hi, my name is Scott and I too am a Zedaholic. Gutted '99 roadster with m54 3.0 swap track car turning into a daily panty dropper. Key West, Florida.
  2. S

    Z3 not turning on

    Hello all! I just recently bought a BMW Z3 2001 3.0L and wanted to install a radio that has carplay. I installed the Jenson 910X and it was perfect and drove for many days.....until i decided, if i can do that, i can also do the backup camera. I routed the camera lines and put the main power...
  3. Reuben_A

    New Owner of a Z3 3.0i 2001

    Hi All, My name is Reuben and I've recently turned 21, I live in the United Kingdom in a small village on the outskirts of Northamptonshire. I have a few hobbies, I am a member of a tennis club in Northampton and am competing in the single and doubles box leagues. I have previously enjoyed...


    I'm looking for an active online Z3 community. I'm hoping this will be one! I'm a serious autocrosser and track guy but actually, I bought the Z3 Coupe to be a WIFE FRIENDLY weekend getaway car. I thought it would be 'comfortable enough' for the wife and 'interesting enough' for me. There have...
  5. J

    Hello All

    Hi, Thank you all for allowing me into your community. I have to be open to you all and say I am desperately looking for some advice! I don't currently own a 'Z' series car however am constantly searching for the right one (Z3). My plan is to use the car as a weekend car and take it to some...
  6. Oldham1994

    P0102 engine code

    Hi all I've recently bought a 2003 3.0 Z4 and I'm loving it to bits so far. 72k miles on the clock and runs amazing with no driveability issues whatsoever. The only thing that's nagging me at the moment is I appear to have a P0102 code (MAF circuit A low). Haven't had a check engine light...
  7. GaryFeakins

    Video Z4 Race Car Onboard Video - MSVR Z Cars Race Series

    A quick clip from our very excitable 17 year old test driver, in our MSVR Z Cars Racing Z4 3.0...... enjoy!...... For more information on the race series, check out - http://www.garyfeakinsracing.co.uk/z-cars-racing/
  8. pgunter

    BMW Z3 3.0 - Fiona

    Well as a few of you will know I purchased a Z3 3.0 and it was a mission to collect the car. 730 mile round trip with @Oldguysrule @Lee & @GazHyde After some consideration and with her Northern Irish links, she has been named 'Fi' short for Fiona or in the gaelic 'Fionn' meaning beautiful...
  9. Jonnyspeed

    Greetings from Ohio

    Hello all. I'm the proud new owner of a black '01 3.0i Roadster with 19k miles. I've had it for about a week now and I love it. Looking forward to meeting people and learning about this wonderful little car. If you are in the North Royalton, Ohio area give me a shout.