1996 Z3 1.9l No Start


Aug 22, 2023
Hello - hopefully not reposting, I've been googling and scouring forums to understand the issue I'm dealing with but could not find specific info for the 96 z3 with this issue.

Quick history:

Had a no-start with crank issue, replaced crank sensor (Genuine) and was running good.
Afterwards had a no-start with repeated solenoid clicks, replaced the battery (730CCA) and was running again.
Soon after, had a no-start with single click and replaced the starter motor (OEM), running again.

Now, I'm dealing with a no-start with no clicking. Code reader is showing no power and an electrical fault, however multi meter is showing power everywhere, no issues with fuses, checked wires from battery to fuse and don't see any corrosion or damage, checked wires under driver side panel. Also double checked the ground and battery terminals. I read about EWS2, and tried a solution a bunch of people said worked for their 1996 z3/e36 to bypass the module located under the glove compartment by connecting a wire loop. No luck with that.

The "maybes" I've read about is the DME being out of sync with EWS and the ignition switch. I'm also wondering if the starter motor could be faulty or installed incorrectly, though it seems like the electrical fault code might be misaligned with that theory. I have a 20 pin adapter for my OBD2 scanner coming in the mail to get more information, so don't have the full picture there yet. I was hoping the experienced community here could give an idea of what this issue sounds like or if there is something I'm missing.

Thank you


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Dec 31, 2013
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First thing I would try is connect a jump lead between the engine block or Head and a good chassis earth. Then try it. If its the same that eliminates earth as a potential issue. Worked on my VW Touareg a few years ago.



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Sep 8, 2021
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I'm with Tony. Check the earth.

Every time you "do something" like replace a part it starts working and then fails again with the same fault. Each time you replace something there's something that's being moved or disturbed. Loose cable/earth connection or something like that.