1. 1

    1996 Z3 1.9l No Start

    Hello - hopefully not reposting, I've been googling and scouring forums to understand the issue I'm dealing with but could not find specific info for the 96 z3 with this issue. Quick history: Had a no-start with crank issue, replaced crank sensor (Genuine) and was running good. Afterwards had...
  2. K

    Master cylinder help! My 1996 Z3 just had its first brake job

    Hey Gang - just bought a 96’ Z3. Vehicle history states the three owners before me have replaced exactly one set of pads (rears) over 26 years and 50,000 miles. Suffice it to say, a bit of brake work was needed. I need some advice about a Master Cylinder replacement…. It had squishy brakes...
  3. Joe Black

    1996 Z3 Hard Top Qn.

    Good morning! I am new here, and hoping to get some good advice for buying my first ever Z 3! I am 61 years young, and I just survived a major heart attack and open heart surgery! Now I am gonna live a little and have some fun. I'm leaving my two whiney 35 year old kids behind, they'll have to...