z3 1.9

  1. A

    Overheating Z3

    I have a 2001 Z3 with a 1.9 M43 engine and electric cooling fan. I have been having issues with the heater for quite a long time. They improved for a short while after replacing the thermostat, but then deteriorated again fairly soon. Now, after being off the road for six months, it is...
  2. Chris_st2

    Z3 New owner

    New to Z3 ownership just wondered about a couple questions for the UK owners is heated seat wiring and cruise control wiring already in place even if my car doesn’t come with them from factory. My car is a 1.9L 1997 if that makes a difference. Also if anyone knows what you need to retrofit...
  3. Euanneill

    1.9 m44 Loud Induction Noise

    Hello all I have joined this forum for my love of the Z3 but also on a more annoying note nobody seems to know what is wrong with my 1997 1.9. It started to lose power and as it it lost power the induction got louder and louder until it eventually was bogging down anytime I gave it over 10%...
  4. MikeK

    Handbrake setup on the Z3 1.9

    Hi, I was replacing my rear brake discs and pads and the handbrake spring bolts fell off. The alen bit of the screw with the spring seems to be made to go through the front and it basically hooks on the dust shield of the brake disc. The problem is that probably due to rust the hole that this...
  5. MikeK

    Stuck exhaust studs

    Hi everyone, Hope everyone is ok i havent visited the forum in a while. I was changing my exhaust in my 1.9 z3, the middle part with the catalytic converter. It was broken inside and was rattling a lot. I managed to break the studs because the nuts were practicaly welded from the rust and...
  6. eerehnstrom


    I'm a First time owner of a BMW. 1997 Z3 1.9/5 speed. I'm second owner, 1st owner kept the car all original, paint, interior, top. Always garaged and it shows. Looking for a service manual and car cover.
  7. M

    Newbie to the Z3 world......

    Bought my first Z3, 1997 1.9 - Fell in love......
  8. MikeK

    Anyone knows this part?

    Hi, This part that holds the exhaust is completely rusted on my z3. I can't find its name or any guides how to replace it anywhere online. Does anyone know what this is? Also am I safe driving without this? It makes a rattling noise against the heat shield but the exhaust is still secure. Thanks!
  9. MikeK

    Z3 1.9 brake caliper brand suggestions?

    Hi, Yesterday my front right caliper got stuck while driving. Overheated and it looks like i am going to need a replacement. My brakes didnt respond perfectly since i got the car anyways so i thought lets change both front calipers. I dont have a garage, i fix my car in front of my house...
  10. MikeK

    Alternator + tensioner noises. Z3 1.9 M44(it was the power steering pump)

    Hi, Another problem another thread. After replacing my oil filter housing gasket and O-rings, i put everything back together, i replaced my rusted steering radiator loop, and then refilled liquids and started the car. A few issues i discovered after this. 1) Coolant leaking from the radiator...
  11. P

    1998 1.9L auto to manual swap (M44)

    Hi guys, I first got my Z3 and I was happy with the auto, wanted a manual but I'm in Victoria Australia and I had only my automatic provisional licence, Ive been playing around in all my friends manual cars and I finally decided to start on my manual journey however, I'm not going to buy a new...
  12. MikeK

    My Z3 1998 1.9

    Hi, I recently bought a Z3 1998 1.9. It is a right hand drive UK model. Has a lot of small age related issues but really fun to drive. Previous owners were a bit weird with their """""repairs"""" so i am trying to fix stuff and eventually i would like to improve things. From my research those...
  13. MikeK

    Z3 Stereo connection with CD changer.

    Hi, I recently bought a 1998 1.9 z3. Cassette radio was disconnected, and its obvious that the previous owner tried to replace it with no success. There was a broken CD changer at the back with all PCBs broken. I am trying to install a new stereo, i bought the cable that converts the BMW...
  14. T


    Hi everyone, will a 2000 wide body Z3 front bumper fit in a 1996 narrow body Z3?
  15. S

    Japanese Market Z3 owner! New to the Forum.

    Hey everyone, I am the very happy owner of a Right Hand Drive 1999 BMW Z3 1.9 Auto "Montreal Blue" with the M-Sport Package, right off the streets of Japan. Currently almost bone stock, but in pretty good nick. I imported the car with about 10k miles on the clock, now it sits proudly at around...
  16. hgg

    Bilstein B6 on Z3 1.9i stock springs

    Hi, I have the Z3 1.9i 2002 with stock springs (non sport) and its time to replace the shocks. I do not want to lower the car (terrible roads) so I will be using the stock springs. According to official Bilstein my only options are either the B4 which is OEM or the B8. The B8 though is tuned...
  17. R

    Z3: Blast from past

    New to me : Z3 Spent most of my life mourning my neglect and loss of TR2 as a student would-be hippy. Now the truth has dawned, I can afford an inexpensive Z3!...gave the little Skoda to newly parents and now I have P610 AFG, 1997, 71K(!)....just picked it up 50 miles ago. Now to forego larger...