z3 1.9

  1. T


    Hi everyone, will a 2000 wide body Z3 front bumper fit in a 1996 narrow body Z3?
  2. S

    Japanese Market Z3 owner! New to the Forum.

    Hey everyone, I am the very happy owner of a Right Hand Drive 1999 BMW Z3 1.9 Auto "Montreal Blue" with the M-Sport Package, right off the streets of Japan. Currently almost bone stock, but in pretty good nick. I imported the car with about 10k miles on the clock, now it sits proudly at around...
  3. hgg

    Bilstein B6 on Z3 1.9i stock springs

    Hi, I have the Z3 1.9i 2002 with stock springs (non sport) and its time to replace the shocks. I do not want to lower the car (terrible roads) so I will be using the stock springs. According to official Bilstein my only options are either the B4 which is OEM or the B8. The B8 though is tuned...
  4. R

    Z3: Blast from past

    New to me : Z3 Spent most of my life mourning my neglect and loss of TR2 as a student would-be hippy. Now the truth has dawned, I can afford an inexpensive Z3!...gave the little Skoda to newly parents and now I have P610 AFG, 1997, 71K(!)....just picked it up 50 miles ago. Now to forego larger...