window mechanism

  1. T

    Window problems!

    I’ve tried searching for an answer but this just comfuses me. I just bought a 2000 z3 2.3 and the windows only roll up and down when the car is on, and I can only do one at a time. Is this the regulators I keep hearing about or some bigger wiring/ electrical issue?
  2. JSVice

    I apologize, but this is more window issues.

    I've been hesitant to post about my window issues, because they've been done to death. I've read every thread I can on it that I would think pertains to me. I have the classic "window moves 2 inches at a time" issue. Sometimes, after I first start the car, the window will go all the way up or...
  3. PZ30

    Z3 '98 Passenger side window won't roll back up

    Here's the Problem: Today I rolled the passenger side window down (luckily not all the way). When I tried to roll it back up it moved upwards for like an inch or so and then slowly moved back DOWN again with the motor not being able to lift the glass up under it's own power. I grabbed the...
  4. PeteZ3

    Window pivot clips

    Okay, I need some help guys and glas.... I haven't updated you all but I have now got my Z3, I'm in the middle of doing some work on it. At the Min I'm trying to replace the pivot clips for the windows as they are very slow at going up and down, and often stick. Im following a guide on YouTube...