1. Lums123

    Suspension Replacement/Upgrades Recommendations please? (Ta Technix any good?)

    Hi So my 1.9 Z3 is currently on what i suspect to be 30mm Lowering springs. The front are corroded as mentioned on previous MOT and i have now broken a rear spring. So ive been weighing up my options as i plan on doing the following work anyway. (Replace front lower arms, discs, pads) So...
  2. Ajsbored94

    Refreshed rear suspension update

    I replaced a ton of stuff. Giubo, center support bearing, transmission mounts, engine mounts, roll/sway bar bushings, subframe bushings, differential bushing, trailing arms, yet I am still getting a clunking sound while shifting gears unless I rev match perfectly. I noticed after I reinstalled...
  3. inkey$

    POLL Bilstein B4 vs Bilstein B12

    I'm confused! Looking at suspension upgrades for my 2.8 and originally earmarked a set of B4's with Eibach Pro Springs to refresh and lower the car by 30mm. But the B12 Pro kit includes springs and is cheaper. I want the car to be lower than OEM but not to the detriment of ride quality. I...
  4. Braz86

    New Suspension

    One of the main points I need to sort, ideally before the MOT at the end of the month is the almost 20-year-old suspension. Can I have some sensibly priced recommendations (I don't want top spec stuff as I don't have the funds) for springs and shocks, tempted to go for slightly lowered, but...
  5. Nothgiel

    BMW Z4 Difference in Rear Suspension Height

    I recently changed my springs on my BMW Z4 3.0i because the left side was four centimetres higher than the right. The springs I used were identical Suplex 06231 springs for Cars with M Sport technology. The springs have now settled over a couple of weeks but I still have a height difference of 4...
  6. BlackBMWs

    Getting a bit stiffer...

    Greetings all from Sunny California again! Just sharing a recent mod to try out overall. In an effort to get my Z to handle as well or better than my Track TI (Compact), I decided to try out the Butt Strut and Body Brace from Strong Strut in Arizona. Figured I’d post in case anyone had...
  7. Wilko58

    Suspension Options (Again!)

    I've just followed two threads on suspension but trying to make a choice between different makes and would welcome any feedback on the following: Spax RSX (fronts are height and damping adjustable) Koni Sport with H&R Springs Bilstein OEM B4 Shocks & B3 Springs Bilstein B12 Kit I've thrown the...
  8. Wilko58

    Rear Sub-Frame

    I'm about to change or upgrade (not sure which route now I've read some project threads!) the bushes and suspension on my Zed but I also saw a post with a picture of the boot area in someone's Zed almost rusted away (rear beam mount?). Three of the spot welds on the boot floor of my Zed (a 2.8)...
  9. Wilko58

    Suspension Upgrades

    I've read a few threads on uprated shocks/lowered springs and OEM shocks/springs but has anyone uprated their shocks and kept the standard ride height on OEM or uprated springs? Also any feedback on the Spax kits (read plenty on the Bilsteins!)? Cheers
  10. pgunter

    BMW Z3 3.0 - Fiona

    Well as a few of you will know I purchased a Z3 3.0 and it was a mission to collect the car. 730 mile round trip with @Oldguysrule @Lee & @GazHyde After some consideration and with her Northern Irish links, she has been named 'Fi' short for Fiona or in the gaelic 'Fionn' meaning beautiful...
  11. La_vida_diver

    #ZedShed La_Vida_Diver's Blue upgrade and TLC

    Blue as many will know was bought in 2011 and I discovered this forum on December that year. Apart from the usual changes to braided hoses and fresh oils, filters and maintenance items all round the only thing that has been done is a new Fabric hood. This was done by Jack Smith in Swansea during...
  12. darcy

    coilovers. z3

    Hi all. I have a 1.9 z3 1997. What coilovers have you guys fitted and what work best. I like to go low. As in the rim of the wheel just about in the arch. I know that handling won't be the best but I like the low and slow approach to life. Cheers darcy