1. Lums123

    Suspension Replacement/Upgrades Recommendations please? (Ta Technix any good?)

    Hi So my 1.9 Z3 is currently on what i suspect to be 30mm Lowering springs. The front are corroded as mentioned on previous MOT and i have now broken a rear spring. So ive been weighing up my options as i plan on doing the following work anyway. (Replace front lower arms, discs, pads) So...
  2. Asab

    Eibach springs

    Hello, I’ve just ordered some Eibach Pro-Kit Performance Spring Kit E2062-140, for my 1999 2.0 wonder if anyone can tell me what they are like? And what issues they may of had when it come to servicing, and overall ride hight after fitting. The chap who normally looks after my cars says he’s had...
  3. Toby Mills

    Lowering Options? Which is the best?

    Looking to lower my 1998 1.9 Really need help on what will be best for the car. I want around 40mm ride height. Looking for all round balance between aesthetic and performance. Looked at lowering springs, coilovers and lowering kits. On a budget of £300 Please can I have some advice on which...
  4. Peimli

    Bilstein B12 Pro kit needed!!!

    Well here goes nothing.... I ordered last week Tuesday evening from buycarpart.co.uk a Bilstein B12 Pro kit, which was at the time in stock as it showed on the website. Kept calling them and than in the end they told me it’s a warehouse in Berlin which is it going to be delivered from so I...
  5. Braz86

    New Suspension

    One of the main points I need to sort, ideally before the MOT at the end of the month is the almost 20-year-old suspension. Can I have some sensibly priced recommendations (I don't want top spec stuff as I don't have the funds) for springs and shocks, tempted to go for slightly lowered, but...
  6. Peimli

    Upgrading shocks on 2001 Z3 3.0i roadster

    Hi guys, I want to exchange my original shock absorbers and springs. I either would like to keep it the original stiffness or slightly stiffer perhaps as I’m worried if it’s too stiff it would damage the subframe. I was thinking a set of Bilstein B4 or a little harder B6. Any experience with...
  7. inkey$

    Monroe Reflex or Bilstein B4?

    Have just ordered a set of Eibach Pro lowering springs from German eBay. Question is, what shocks? Want to keep the spec fairly oem, just lowered a little and some added road holding. Choice is down to Monroe Reflex or Bilstein B4s. Recommendations? Any links to a any good prices also...
  8. Wilko58

    For Sale 1998/99 2.8 Parts for Sale

    After upgrading my car there are some bits to sell (need to get the money back from somewhere!). First up is a set of standard springs for an Oct 98 Z3 2.8 - the rears are about 6 months old and the fronts look relatively fresh with little to no rust on them (and still have the stickers on...
  9. Wilko58

    Suspension Upgrades

    I've read a few threads on uprated shocks/lowered springs and OEM shocks/springs but has anyone uprated their shocks and kept the standard ride height on OEM or uprated springs? Also any feedback on the Spax kits (read plenty on the Bilsteins!)? Cheers