1. Zorro01

    New Zed Nut

    Hi all, Well it only took about 20 years of dreaming but 2 weeks ago I took possession of my black Z3 2001 1.9 and I love it. 300 miles of driving so far and all seems good. I’m here to learn as there are loads of little (and maybe big) jobs to do. But I’ll come to my many questions later...
  2. Mus Musculus

    New member - Z3 1.9 1998

    Hi all, Just joined the forum, completely newbie to BMW Z3 ownership, but I like the looks of the car… ;) I own a 1973 Triumph Spitfire MKIV, so the Z3 is my idea of a more practical classic. I am learning, the hard way, that perhaps I should have researched a little bit further, but it's...
  3. R


    Thanks for adding Second z4 first was a 3.0si and now an M Such great cars
  4. Sara


    Hi everyone I’m new to the group and new to Z3 ownership. I bought a 1.9 early in the year and I love it! I’m looking forward to being able to have meets and getting together with other owners, hopefully next year this will be possible. My girl is a little scruffy so going in early next month...
  5. M

    Hi all just joined and just got my first Z4 2.5 black...awesome so far cheers

    Just got my first z4 couple of little niggles but will search n pick brains soon thank you..
  6. R


    Hi all, Just to introduce myself...retired ex musician/entertainer and part time car trader from Blackpool. Always loved E85's.I think they look perfect from ANY angle...….My current car is a bright red 07 plate 2.0 SE......Regards, Rob Parkes.
  7. J

    About to join the club

    I confess!! I’m an imposter! I am not yet a Z3 owner. BUT all that is going to change in a matter of days. So I thought I should ask the experts how best to avoid ending up with a turkey. If anyone can suggest common and/or expensive things to look out for as I start looking at Z3’s with...
  8. DanielleHN

    Spraying X8R Mirror Bases

    Hi everyone As requested by @Tim beard I'll be uploading progress notes in regards to spraying the new wing mirror bases. I’ve taken photos so far of where I have got to with spraying the bases of the X8R wing mirrors I’ve bought to combat the corrosion battle. My car is Boston Green so...
  9. Lytesben

    Newbie looking at getting a Z3

    Hello everyone, I have been recently considering buying myself a Z3 for a fun weekend car to replace my (currently for sale) classic Rover Mini called 'Giles'. Going to have a look around for some buying advice but in the meantime here's a picture of Giles :)