1. Lums123

    Suspension Replacement/Upgrades Recommendations please? (Ta Technix any good?)

    Hi So my 1.9 Z3 is currently on what i suspect to be 30mm Lowering springs. The front are corroded as mentioned on previous MOT and i have now broken a rear spring. So ive been weighing up my options as i plan on doing the following work anyway. (Replace front lower arms, discs, pads) So...
  2. Toby Mills

    Lowering Options? Which is the best?

    Looking to lower my 1998 1.9 Really need help on what will be best for the car. I want around 40mm ride height. Looking for all round balance between aesthetic and performance. Looked at lowering springs, coilovers and lowering kits. On a budget of £300 Please can I have some advice on which...
  3. RoyvL

    Seat lowering

    My first thread. :) I have searched through the forum and see it seems to be a common complaint. Lack of adjustment in the seats and steering column. I have the sport seats. My problem is I am tall in the torso and with the seat at its lowest and furthest back I have perfect hip to pedal fit...
  4. darcy

    coilovers. z3

    Hi all. I have a 1.9 z3 1997. What coilovers have you guys fitted and what work best. I like to go low. As in the rim of the wheel just about in the arch. I know that handling won't be the best but I like the low and slow approach to life. Cheers darcy