1. JAMZILLA321

    18 inch wheels on z3

    I have an opportunity now to buy 18 inch style 32 (et47, 8j) wheels for my z3, would they fit without rubbing (and what tyres should I get) - my current wheel size is 16 inches and 225/50
  2. JAMZILLA321

    Oil sump nut oversized

    My oil sump nut leaks so I would like to know what oversized nut I should buy (the ones that put in new threads) for bmw z3 1999 1.9i UK - any help appreciated
  3. JAMZILLA321

    Broken wing mirror base

    On my hellrot 1999 bmw z3 someone kicked my wing mirrors - the right one survived (glass shattered though) and the left one shattered but the metal base/arm snapped aswell - what’s the best way forward? Glue the arm and base back together? Buy one of those plastic vases and spray it hellrot red...
  4. JAMZILLA321

    Z3 engine swap

    I have a 1999 UK BMW z3 1.8 - i think its m43b19 but not too sure, anyway, I think I have a head gasket issue because sometimes I have a lot of smoke coming from exhaust that I’d call sweet smelling however sometimes no smoke is visible at all (not sure what the issue is to be honest the car...
  5. W

    Z3 Cranks over but not starting, then I try a few times later and it starts?? HELP!

    Recently bought a 1997 m44 Z3, drives really well etc… intermittently I go to start it and I can hear the fuel pump go, the starter goes to start as normal but it doesn’t fire…. Then I try about 5-12 times later and it starts. I have no idea what to look for. The cabin smells of fuel so could it...
  6. samoward

    Sticking throttle…

    Hello all, This is my first post on this forum since picking up my Z3 a few weeks back. It’s a 2000 1.9 and I love it. It’s in great condition due to being well looked after and purchasing from a brilliant Z3 specialist garage. The only issue I’ve noticed since driving the car for a few weeks is...
  7. N

    Newbie! Need help!

    Hi All!! We were recommended to join this group at the Silverstone Classic Weekend by a fellow Z3 owner (thank you and hi if you see this). We recently purchased a 1.9i Z3 and it needs a lot of love and work. Not sure what section of the forum we should post this on but we need help with...
  8. george pauley

    Hardtop instalation

    Hi guys weird question but do i keep the ragtop folded down when putting the hardtop on? also any tips for mounting the hardtop
  9. Euanneill

    1.9 m44 Loud Induction Noise

    Hello all I have joined this forum for my love of the Z3 but also on a more annoying note nobody seems to know what is wrong with my 1997 1.9. It started to lose power and as it it lost power the induction got louder and louder until it eventually was bogging down anytime I gave it over 10%...
  10. theurbanspectacle

    Pre-Inspection Car Purchase

    Just wanted to start off with that I don't know ANYTHING about cars except that the Z3 is my dream car, so I need some help. 😂 I'm hiring a mechanic to inspect a Z3 with almost 50,000Miles. Their pre-inspection entails: Do you guys have any notes I can send over to the mechanic to check...
  11. pacificnorthwestZ3

    Convertible top leak?

    Hey all, I've done some searching on this forum and have found some posts that recommend applying Gummi Pflege to the rubber seals between the window and the convertible top. My leaks seem to be coming in from where the convertible top meets the window as there is (on purpose I hope) slashes in...
  12. Yashka

    Help! Learning mechanics on beloved Z3 - oil leak - need ramp

    Hello! I've had my beloved red Z3 for around a year and a half and the time has come for its MOT. The time has also come for it to have a significant oil leak! Because I'm keen to learn more about mechanics (and save costs too), I'd really like to be able to at least locate the oil leak... Of...
  13. Reuben_A

    Help! Possible coolant hose split?

    Hello, I was cleaning my engine bay today and got my cloth caught on a hose, which subsequently snapped. When the engine is on, quite hot liquid flows through the split tube spilling everywhere. anyone have any idea what it is? Or how to fix it and if it’s a diy or garage job? Thanks, R
  14. PZ30

    Z3 '98 Passenger side window won't roll back up

    Here's the Problem: Today I rolled the passenger side window down (luckily not all the way). When I tried to roll it back up it moved upwards for like an inch or so and then slowly moved back DOWN again with the motor not being able to lift the glass up under it's own power. I grabbed the...
  15. AquariusTony

    Engine Management Light after Service

    Hi guys, The other day I changed the oil, oil filter and air filter on my new Z3. It REALLY needed it! I then took it for a spin. After about 45 mins into the drive, my engine management light appeared on the dash. I was wondering if you guys have had the same issue before, on one similar to...
  16. AquariusTony

    Cracks in rear window!

    Hi everyone, I have just bought a 2000 1.9 Z3 roadster and it needs a few aesthetic improvements doing to it. I noticed that there are one or two cracks in the rear plastic window. The largest one is about 1 and half inches long. (See photo) I’ve used some stuff on the window, as I know...
  17. Toby Mills

    Steering wheel help!?

    I have the non M sport/pre facelift steering wheel on my 1.9 z3 I cannot find a micro suede/alcantara retrim specific for a 'z3 wheel'. Does anybody know if this wheel was used on other BMWs? I may have more luck finding a cover if i know the exact wheel name, or typing in another model this...
  18. Luke_z3

    Need Help Finding Tuning Software

    i know that this is a place for new members but i didnt know where to post. i am looking for some software (preferably flash) to tune my 97 2.8 Z3. Could somebody help me find a place or find a thread to post on. thanks and have a good one
  19. DanielleHN

    HELP Needed - Spraying Wing Mirror

    Hi Everyone Has anybody had experience with the Halford's BMW paint? My Zed is Boston Green and I don't want to spray the bases of the new X8R mirrors if it isn't going to match up. We have a family friend who does great paint work but he's away and I'm reluctant to wait as my wing mirror is...
  20. DanielleHN

    How To Guide Battle Against The Wing Mirror Corrosion!

    Hi Everyone I'm new here as I've recently bought a beautiful Boston Green 2.8i as a fun hobby - it's in really amazing condition for its years although both mirrors have corroded. I thought this was possibly the end of the world (as you do!) but found some helpful threads noting a particular...