1. Zluk3

    Dsc light blinks and brakes lock up

    What’s up everyone I’m Lucas, I’m kind of new to z3’s I got my black manual m54b25 01 z3 in November and have been daily-ing/restoring it since. (Sry for the long post) Within the last few weeks though I’ve been having abs issues. The light has been on since I bought the car but recently...
  2. K

    Master cylinder help! My 1996 Z3 just had its first brake job

    Hey Gang - just bought a 96’ Z3. Vehicle history states the three owners before me have replaced exactly one set of pads (rears) over 26 years and 50,000 miles. Suffice it to say, a bit of brake work was needed. I need some advice about a Master Cylinder replacement…. It had squishy brakes...
  3. MikeK

    Z3 1.9 brake caliper brand suggestions?

    Hi, Yesterday my front right caliper got stuck while driving. Overheated and it looks like i am going to need a replacement. My brakes didnt respond perfectly since i got the car anyways so i thought lets change both front calipers. I dont have a garage, i fix my car in front of my house...
  4. NickUK

    Hand brake stuck

    Hi, I recently joined the site and mentioned in my introduction post that I was going to refurbish a brake caliper. After removing the wheel and also looking at the handle inside the car, I think the handbrake is stuck on the driver side rear wheel. The handle in the car is very loose with no...
  5. Alistair Francis

    Rear Brake Caliper Upgrade?

    I bought my 1996 1.9L Z3 a year and a half ago (used obviously) and at the time had the front brakes replaced. I can't remember if the mechanic replaced the calipers, but the pads and rotors were replaced. I recently went to a track event and now the brakes squeak just before I come to a stop...
  6. Connor

    50% off Brake Discs & Pads at Euro Car Parts

    Hi This just popped into my mail box this morning so thought it could be useful to someone. Enter code FLASH50 at checkout. It does only apply to Discs and pads so if you’re changing your wear sensors these go through at full price. Connor.
  7. Mac_Gaz

    New Brakes

    Rather than watch the Toon attempt to play a competitive game of football, I decided to revamp the stopping power on the Zed. A tremendous afternoons work don't you think...
  8. Tony Dean

    UPgrading Roadster brakes

    Anyone? I am sitting at 140K on the Engine. Which is the almost bullet proof 2.8.. Still puts out 225 with the de-restriction of the new inlet manifold and intake.. Recently the car has had a full strip down to its knickers .... and wax oiled before a showroom type re-spray. While the 2.8...
  9. Tibs

    For Sale Front Discs - still boxed.

    Brand new, still in unopened box, pair of front discs for 1.9 model Z3 (may well fit others actually) 1995-2003 as listed by Pagid. Bought for our Zed, but no longer needed, chance to get some decent brakes for a cheap price. £25 the pair, located in Teesside area. Postage if needed to be...