I have seen quite a few methods of repairing the seat belt guides on our cars. Here is mine, not as pretty as some but definitely less expensive.

  • All you need are 2 pieces of copper brake pipe cut to 5mm long and de-burred at the ends
  • 2 counter sunk headed self tapping screws about 15mm long, which will pass through the inner diameter of the brake pipe.
  • Drill bits to correct diameter for the screws you have chosen
  • Black paint to match seat belt guide

1. Align the broken halves of the guide (I have to say mine were not exactly in line)

2. Drill 2 holes through the outer part of the guide ABOVE the point where the guide broke in half.
007 (3).jpg

3. Making sure the 2 parts are still aligned drill completely through the "back" part of the guide.
006 (2).jpg

4. Open out the holes in the outer part to approx. 3.5mm to allow the self tapping screws to pass through.

5. Counter sink the holes enough to let the screw heads be flush or just under the surface of the guide face.
008 (3).jpg

6. Insert a screw through the outer part and slip one of the pieces of brake pipe onto the screw then start it into the hole in the inner part of the guide. DO NOT TIGHTEN YET.
009 (3).jpg

7. Repeat for the second screw and finally tighten both screws.
011 (3).jpg

8. Paint the screw heads and the pieces of brake pipe with some Satin black paint.
012 (2).jpg


013 (3).jpg