Before you undertake changing the Auto transmission fluid in you car you will need to do a little home work.

1. Find out what type of oil your car's gearbox runs on. Mine has a sticker on the gearbox telling you it is filled for life, but then goes onto tell you what type of oil it is filled with. In my case Dextron 3. Any reputable motor factor will tell you how much will need, do not forget most only have 1ltr and 1/2 litre bottles so you may have to buy slightly more than you need. That's life.

006 (11).jpg

2. You will need a kit to replace the transmission oil filter (inside the gearbox) and the pan gasket, mine also came with a set of new screws for the pan. I sourced my kit on eBay.


3. You will need a means of refilling the gearbox with new oil after changing the filter and replacing the pan.
There are several types available, this is mine. As you can see it holds a litre which means, obviously that you can put more in at one go. I unscrew the end with the filler tube attached for ease of filling. Another useful type is shown which we use for filling gear oil in manual gear boxes at work, very handy bit of kit for other jobs too.


4. You will need various other everyday hand tools too, plus a large capacity drain tray (8-10 ltr.)

Okay.let's start.
  1. Warm up the gearbox oil with a run.
  2. Jack up and place stands under the front and rear of the car as high as you can, observing safety and common sense please. Main thing is to have the car LEVEL and secure as you will need to run it whilst it is on the stands.
  3. Place the tray under the gearbox and remove the drain plug allow to drain well. (Over night if possible).
  4. Remove the bolts securing the pan to the gearbox (10mm socket)
  5. Remove the filter from the bottom of the gear assembly (3 or 4 10mm bolts) and allow to drain.
  6. Replace the old filter with new one. Tighten screws evenly. While the pan is off, if you look at the left rear corner of the gear box you will see the re-fill/level plug, remove this to verify that you have located the fill plug. I think it was 17 or 19 mm.
  7. Refit the sump pan using the new gasket and set of bolts supplied, having made sure the gasket face is clean and dry and free of bits of the old gasket.(mine peeled off very easily). Refit the drain plug and tighten.
  8. Fill the oil dispenser, which ever type you've chosen and with the tray under the filler plug, put oil in until it begins to overflow.
  9. Start the engine and run the gear selector through the entire range (with handbrake off) and place in park, then keep running the engine whilst filling the gear oil until it starts to overflow continually, meaning the gearbox is full.
  10. Take down off the stands and road test to make sure the gearbox is working as it should. After road test and periodically check for any leaks.
This is how I change my Auto box oil on my 2000 2.0, so I hope this is of use to you.