BMW Z3 Interior Trim Screw Caps
Article submitted by Titan

If you need to remove any of the lower dashboard trim panels, you will encounter the fiendish trim screw cap.
These are virtually impossible to remove without damage to them, the panel, and or yourself.

By using a very small electrical Phillip’s screw driver, it is possible to “stab” the plastic cover and undo the underlying screw behind it without doing too much damage.
It’s not perfect but until new covers are purchased, it’s a reasonable solution and as the plastic recovers from the deformation, the cosmetic disfiguration become less obvious.
If you have got replacement caps, they are much easier to get off the screw once it has been removed.

The OEM part numbers are:

51161949793 black
51168398920 beige

This is what one of mine looked like shortly after it was re-inserted with its old cap having stabbed it with the screwdriver.

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