How to fix your BMW Z3 Rocking Seats (changing the bushes/bushings)
Article written and submitted by forum member ‘Zedonist’

This article details how to fix your BMW Z3 Rocking Seats. It’s a common problem that all BMW Z3 owners will suffer from at some stage as our cars get older. The standard seat bushes wear out, and there are several options for replacements.

This article uses a set of Aceman’s Seat Bushes which can be purchased from the Shop

Difficulty Rating – 3/10requires some good music and a spare hour

Tools Required
  • 13mm Socket
  • 16mm Socket
  • 17mm Socket
  • T25 Bit
  • T50 Bit
  • Coarse Sand Paper
  • Grease
  • (Optional Glass of Red Wine)
Parts Required

Acemans world famous seat bushes

Removing the Seat
Start by sliding the seat all the way back to get access to the front seat nuts and remove with a 13mm socket. Next slide the seat all the way forward and raise the seat to its highest position in order to get your socket and wrench on the bolts, use a 16 mm socket and remove the rear bolts. Next tilt the seat forward and remove the seat belt to seat anchor bolt with a 17mm socket. These next step is important, move the seat to the all the way back position.

Now if you do not have access to an airbag reset tool, do not turn the ignition on, and in fact hide your keys for an hour. Tilt the seat forward and disconnect the yellow seat belt tensioner multi plug, next disconnect the black and white multi plugs for the motors and heated seat pads.

You can now lift the seat out of the car and place on its side on a work surface of your choice and protection for the leather.

Removing the Kebabs
If you followed the instructions and removed the seats in the all the way back position you will see looking at the under side of the seat rails that you have access to three bolts 1 T50 Bolt and two T25 bolts.

Undo the T50 bolt and remove.

Undo the T25 bots and remove.

Pull on the kebab from the T50 bolt end and the kebab will start to slide out, at this time you can also start to move the seat rail back with you, which will allow the kebab to pull completely free.

With the kebab free remove the nut end and count how many full turns it take. On mine on both seats and all four kebabs this was 8 full turns. Remember this number (your count not mine).

Next push out the nut from the carrier with the old rubber bush (if not disintegrated).

For the next 15 minutes you will need to start sanding the replacement bushes down, and checking the fit against the nut and the carrier, until you get a very snug fit of the nut and bushes in the carrier (wedged fit), when sanding it is very important to rotate the bush in all directions to get as even a thickness as possible.

Once you have achieved your snug fit and have assembled the nut, and the bushes into the carrier re-assemble the kebab by turning the nut the same number of full turns back onto the screw, as it took to get off (remember to grease the threads of the screw), in my case it was 8 full turns.

Now put the kebab back into the seat rail and push up to the square drive of the seat motor, you will be able to see this through the square cut out in the seat rail, use a thin crew driver to align the square drive with the end of the kebab and push home.

Align all boltholes and re-assemble the T25 and T50 bolts.

Repeat the process for all other kebabs on both seats

Refit the seats as a reversal of the removal, do not forget attach all multi plugs and to attach the seat belt anchor point in the upright position, you can now find your keys again.