3G EWS remote fob programming

Excellent article - I just fixed my alarm and central locking problems by following this.
Many thanks for the post !!
Truly useful!
Excellent guide , so good that I've joined the website instead of being a nosey guest and that I could post a review , worked to the letter , just need a bit of physio now for the back ! I found a company called scheidmann that stocked the fob as bmw said that they no longer stocked them , so a big thank you to the author whose obviously put a lot of time and effort into this to help others out
Really helpful! Saved my sanity after struggling to find out what was going on with my remote . Thank you!
followed the instructions and it worked but then stopped working and the alarm goes off on every entry to the car and the console red light is flashing. I have tried to reset but with no avail. any ideas?