Archived Pre-Face Lift 2.8 parts

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Dec 5, 2011
Model of Z
Surplus to requirements and kicking around my garage are the following, a couple of new parts bought in error.
Open to offers, make them sensible and 10% will go to this year’s charity fund... :)

P&P will be at cost, what ever that turns out to be with the PO. or you could take a zed trip to the highlands of Scotland... :D

PM your offers and I will let you know at some point during the week.

Mirrors, “grubby” and one has the normal seizure/breakage issue, seen some people repair them, were working on removal, could be overhauled or used for spares…

Front Lights "grubby" one has a broken fixing bracket but managed to pass MOT's when fitted to my car..

Rear lights, all good, will be better after a clean...

Water bottle, this one fits to the rear of the engine bay! Mine fits at the front!

Front Grill for wide mouth 2.8, discovered my car has been fitted with a narrow mouth front bumper!

Front fog light filler pieces, these are again for the wide mouth and fill in the small part at the side of the fog lights..

Not open for further replies.