Performance Clutch for Z3 2.8


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Jan 7, 2012
Hong Kong
Model of Z
Z3 2.8 Roadster M52B28
Hi there,
I have a 1998 M52B28 upgraded to an estimated 260BHP through a quaiffe Diff with 3.38 Final drive ratio. I had my Z3 converted from Auto to Manual a couple of years ago with a new standard OEM clutch and a gearbox from a 528. I would like to improve the clutch engagement when doing fast starts from rest at high rpm (just for fun, not a track car). The other day I dropped the clutch at about 6000rpm (rev limiter set around 7,300 with custom remap) ... & the result was 'clutch slip' (& intense burning smell!) and no wheel spin with engine & felt the engine increase to 7000rpm without increasing road speed. I have been told that 6000 rpm is too much for a clutch drop start & that I will just burn out the clutch trying....
Should I upgrade the clutch (not burnt out yet as can still spin the wheels at lower rpm starts)? I guess I think I should, but to what? Ideally I would like a clutch that drops straight into my set up without significant mods ... perhaps an M3 clutch? perhaps a branded clutch upgrade, but I have to say I am quite confused ... should I go for an Aluminium flywheel? ...some say yes, others say no coz they rattle? ... seems I should just go for single plate ... I don't mind a little bit stiffer than OEM, but must be comfortable to drive on the street ... seems many brands & set ups to go for ... eg: or a stage 3+ (?) SPEC any advice most appreciated and would be interested to know if anyone else has done such an upgrade and what they used and how they found it? Thanks