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Expired OEM Rear Discs (new)

Discussion in 'For Sale Archives' started by inkey$, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. inkey$

    inkey$ Zorg Legend
    British Zeds

    Mar 27, 2014
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    London & Suffolk
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    '99 2.8i M52TU
    Got two brand new OEM E36 ///M rear discs for sale.

    Details as follows:

    Brake Disc, ventilated, left - 312X20 - 34212227177 - $191.58
    Brake Disc, ventilated, right - 312X20 - 34212227178 - $191.58
    Total: $383.16 / £234.55+v (£281.45 inc)

    Boxed but in wrong boxes (fronts got mixed with rears when I bought them so they'll be delivered in front boxes!)

    These are £281 new as a pair. Looking for £200 plus whatever it costs for delivery - or pickup from South East London address.
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