New starter motor required me thinks.........


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Jul 27, 2013
  • I bought the wee beastie now formally known Zedebee =)) with what the previous owner said was a sticking starter, which is fine BUT here's the strange only plays up when the car has been running/properly warmed up:)
  • First thing in the morning it starts 1st turn of the key, once warmed up if we have to stop the engine, it kinda tries to engage and just makes a sort of "click", other times it's as if the starter is trying to engage but keeps throwing back out. My gut instinct is a duff solenoid/starter or worse case scenario....the ring gear.
  • Soooooo what ya all reckon and if anybody has changed one, how much of a job is it??? I can see the two top bolts and I'm thinking there has to be a 3rd lurking in the depths of the engine bay:drinks: