Jobs after Winter storage S50 help please


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Jun 7, 2019
Hi again all,

Hope everyone and their families are doing as well as possible in these very strange times.

I have taken the opportunity to get the z3m back out of storage and do the little jobs on it I have been meaning to do.

So far I have replaced my factory centre storage box with later hk subwoofer (replaced actual speaker with recommended kicker unit) and installed amp to power it in the factory multistack location in the boot, so it appears totally oem but sounds a whole lot better :)

Additionally I have wired some under dash footwell led strips to brighten the interior a little when getting in the car at night.

I have also taken the sills off, sent them off to be treated and repainted along with the quarter wings. Whilst that was being done I treated all the underneath box section using flapper disc, rust treatment and POR15 so it should be good for another 20 years. I was surprised how clean it was underneath for its age as I know some models such as e39s really can suffer.

Additionally I have taken the air intake off and I am getting all new seals and bolts for that and replacing any vac hoses underneath that look tired.

Which then brings me to my next job and the source of my next question, so the car has a slight occasional fluff stutter on idle, it's very hard to hear and when you drive it it drives amazingly and doesn't miss or anything but on INPA it is showing a code for injector 3.

So I have replaced the centre injector, firstly with another secondhand unit, no effect, same result, then I thought hmm maybe just as bad, so bought a brand new bosch injector of the same number but the issue is still there and the code is still there.

Any thoughts anyone ?


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