Help : Cruise control fitting to Z4 / E85 / 2005 RHD


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Sep 3, 2017
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Z4 2.2Auto Roadster
Hi, can some one please upload a picture of the connector I should be looking for to ascertain if I have pre wired CC fitted to my 2005 UK Z4?

If so , is it obtain a control switch XXX number ? and plug it in, then mount the switch on the steering column.

I looked at the Z4 article section and found the BMW retro fit instructions but got a bit lost as to what I needed from there.



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Dec 31, 2013
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Mine is a 2003 car and that's what I had to do. I bought a switch while I was in Florida and on removing the lower steering column cowling it is obvious where the stalk mounts and also where the harness is fastened up out of the way, It took me all of 15 mins. to fit the stalk and cut out the cowling. I'm not sure which year they ceased fitting this type of retro fit CC, but I have a feeling it was on the facelift E85 models.
If you remove the lower cowling and look up the left side of the column you will see the harness if it's there. If you take some pictures and post them I should be able to see.


ps. If you have the harness and it's the same as mine it's plug and play.