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Goodwood Revival

Discussion in 'Events and Cruise Write Ups & Gallery' started by zedzen, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. zedzen

    zedzen Dedicated Member

    Mar 2, 2012
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    Hello All,

    Yes I am still alive just rather pinned down with the divorce thing at the moment, hence my lack of posts!

    However, I took a weekend out to attend the Goodwood Revival and my only regret is I haven't been before! I can comfortably say I have never attended an event of its quality in the UK.

    To witness 12 or so Ferrari 250 GTO's, every Silver Arrow still in existence on full chat, to bump into and talk to Cpl Beharry VC, or stand on the wing of the world's only surviving Fairey Swordfish and talk stalling speeds with her pilot are things I didn't know I needed to do!

    I could write pages but, I won't. If you only attend one event in the Uk next year, make it Goodwood. And best of all? Not a Hi Viz safety jacket in sight when $150,000,000 worth of machinery rolls inches past you en route to the start up paddock.

    Halcyon Days