FDM on non A/C 2.8 pre-facelift


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Aug 12, 2018
Model of Z
Prefacelift 2.8i
A little stuck here and as I don’t have an a/c there seems to be limited info for a non electrically biased tinkerer like myself...
I want to do the viscose fan delete mod and I’m trying to find out exactly what I need and more importantly if I have the existing connections to make this work. I have found a couple unused terminals both on the drivers side which I think is the connection to fan and radiator temp switch. Someone also shared a pic of the relays which are missing on my car. I’m thinking of buying a Mishimoto x line radiator and 12” slimline fan to replace existing.

1) do the switches look like the correct ones for temp switch and electric fan
2) what relays do I buy ie part codes for the missing ones
3) what temp switch do I buy (is there a lower temp one 80/88?)
4) do I need to change the thermostat for a different temp one and if so how is that possible as the unit canes with thermostat built in?
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