z4 roadster

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    Nice to have a bit of free time to finally get a little run out
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    New summer project
  3. Stacey Aylmore

    Spotted today in zante town

    Spotted a lovely z4 with the unusual beige roof today while driving through Zante town , also seen a silver z3 but didn’t have chance to grab a pic .
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    Best way of cooling off in this wonderful weather 🌞driving around the Welsh mountains at night
  5. Connor

    I'm back... Again.

    Hi All, I'm back in the Zedding world after a couple of years hiatus. I've moved around a fair bit for work, and then ending up living within walking distance of work and not needing a car at all. Anyway I'm back, and have just bought a nice 3.0 Sterling Grey E85 Z4. Comes with Nav, PDC...
  6. P

    Wanted - YH57MDZ Do You Own This Car?

    Wanted - YH57MDZ Do You Own This Car? Last known to be in Essex. Hi All, I am trying to trace an old car I used to own as I am interested in buying it back. The car is a Black Z4 2.0i M Sport, Reg YH57MDZ. A long shot, but wondered if the owner was a member of this club, or maybe someone...
  7. MikeH54

    Z4 on board computer fault

    Seeking some advice on what could be causing the OBC to not show any information when depressing the stalk. The display seems to be working fine as the clock, service indication all seem Fine and when I first drove it did display the range of miles but Wouldn't switch to show other features. I...
  8. BillMc

    Just joined the forum in the hope that someone can help me out with problems with my z4

    Hi just joined the forum today in the hope that there is someone on here that can help me out with a solution to the problems that I am having with my Z4. I changed the battery and whilst all the electrics are working the car wont start. There is occasionally a click or two from the starter...