water pump

  1. Dimitris Flo


    Hi guys, I have a question as I had a trip today with my z3, as I would drive the car faster, the temperature would rise, and when I would let off the gas the temperature would drop down again. Is this symptom a sign of fridge problems, or water pump??? Thanks in advance
  2. Ajsbored94

    Z3 2.5l Overheating

    Drove it down to the beach and back today (almost 9 hours of constant driving on the interstate at 3.5k rpms) and noticed on my return trip it started to overheat. It would go up, then down, then up. It would raise as the rpms went up, and cool down when idle or less than 2k rpms. It only just...
  3. Nicholas rose

    Noisy Pulley’s

    Hi All, I recently took on my fathers 1.9 M44 T Reg after it’s been stood for a while and when started there is a horrendous noise coming from the Pulleys (not a squeal more of metal on metal). I noticed that the AC pulley isn’t turning and the belt is just sliding over. Also, the main pulleys...
  4. Alan W

    Water pump 6 cyl

    Ok, those of you who belong to the Z3 UK Facebook group will know that the bearing on my 2.8 water pump failed causing the shaft to bend and the viscous fan to self destruct on the shroud and radiator.. On the plus side like think that although the radiator bears some superficial scars l don't...
  5. GazHyde

    Fan blade separating from viscous coupling

    Never just rains, but I caught this one before it started pouring! Almost literally too... Got home from tonights Zed Shed session and was just about to turn the engine off, but heard a faint knocking noise. Figured it was coming from the engine bay, so popped the bonnet - noticed that the fan...