1. VioletAlexandriaMiller

    Black Z3 Roadster - Central Beaverton, Oregon

    So small compared to all the other cars 😊
  2. C

    Red Zed4 in Amberley

    Spotted today in Amberley car park. Most likely visiting the Classic car show at Amberley Museum...
  3. VioletAlexandriaMiller

    black face-lift 2.8i Z3 in Tualatin, Oregon

    It's a good day when I go to get 6mg/mL 100mL bottle of vape juice for 10$ (!!!!) and I'm behind a beautiful black 2.8i Z3 ( face lift) as I'm driving to the store. Sadly no photo this time. I am vehemently against touching my phone while driving.
  4. Stratus_Coupe

    Z1 on the M27

    Didn't grab a photo (I was driving...) but I got passed by a red (hellrot?) Z1 this morning on the M27, eastbound, near J7. I've never seen one before, so it was like seeing a unicorn! Stunning condition, cruising along in the middle lane. Anyone else seen a Z1 around?
  5. Oldham1994

    Black Z3 in Buckley, North Wales

    Spotted a nice black Z3 in Buckley, North Wales @ around 5.45 16th March. Reg was something like J3___ or ___3J or similar. Can't remember as I was trying to see if she saw me!=))