1. pgunter

    BMW Z3 3.0 - Fiona

    Well as a few of you will know I purchased a Z3 3.0 and it was a mission to collect the car. 730 mile round trip with @Oldguysrule @Lee & @GazHyde After some consideration and with her Northern Irish links, she has been named 'Fi' short for Fiona or in the gaelic 'Fionn' meaning beautiful...
  2. Brian4

    Brake Caliper seal replacement

    I decided that the front flexi hoses needed replacement and whilst I had it apart I would change the seals on the calipers.I had painted the calipers 2 years ago but some bits were scabby again around the dust seals and the only way to get at these was with the piston out. Got them all apart...