1. Luke_z3


    hey guys ive probably made a thread asking this question before but i was just wondering if anyone has some good things for ecu tuning on a 97 2.8, ive got a cold air intake and a high flow muffler and also rims which doesnt make a difference with tuning. taking the cats off soon on the journey...
  2. Braz86

    Cheap Performance Tips

    Hi all Been looking through here for low cost ways to improve performance of my 2.0l Z3. Saw that @Lee mentioned an engine flush through a company, and @Dickymint mentioned a fuel additive that cleans injectors and carbon in the system. The post was from 4 years ago, so wondering how these have...
  3. Luke_z3

    M44 performance?

    Hey guys Im in a bit of a hard spot right now. So I’m picking up another 97’ Z3 this weekend and I’m going to turn it into a drift car. So I’m taking out all the interior and trunk etc. but the problem lies beneath the bonnet (hood) the car has a problem with holding anti freeze and I’m pretty...
  4. Scott James

    What do you think? Turbo on a Non Turbo

    Hi, So this might sound a bit crazy, but i'll put it out there, I've done a lot of research recently on how to make my 2.5L z4 faster. and there isn't much option other than buying a different Z. A mechanic friend of mine suggested the Idea of adding a turbo. To me It looks like there would be...
  5. Panhandler

    The Panhandler

    Good Morning Zroadster Peeps, Glad to have found this website. Just took possession of my Sienna Red Z3 this past weekend. Perhaps I should say, the Z3 has taken possession of me. OK, I'm not really possessed, but this Zed is the most bestest car I have ever been in. If I wasn't so happy when I...