1. AquariusTony

    Engine Management Light after Service

    Hi guys, The other day I changed the oil, oil filter and air filter on my new Z3. It REALLY needed it! I then took it for a spin. After about 45 mins into the drive, my engine management light appeared on the dash. I was wondering if you guys have had the same issue before, on one similar to...
  2. Mac_Gaz

    Oil change with flush

    Just about to give the 2.2 a flush and some new blood. I'm going with fully synthetic again even though it's been using a little. Any quick tips on areas I should be looking to clean? Pipes, hoses etc I'll report back later for anyone interested. Gaz
  3. dva99999

    Diff and gearbox oil

    Having just 'learned' to change engine oil, filters and spark plugs I'm now turning to the gearbox and diff oil. The gear change on my 2.8 is rather clunky and as I have no idea if it has been changed or not I think this might be worthwhile. But my question is this....although there is a...