1. R

    ECU fix??

    Hello all, I am thinking of buying a 1998 Z3 1.9 roadster petrol as an MOT failure due to the ECU....I have since called my local BMW dealership and was told they could be sourced from £900-£1000 new (!) plus VAT. Then there would be £100 to fit and a further £100 to code it (plus VAT). So, my...
  2. stackwadd

    1997 2.8 roadster (auto) keeps stalling at roundabouts and will not restart until engine has cooled down after 30 minutes

    Help Please. My 2.8 Auto Roadster (89,000 miles) keeps letting me down, usually at busy traffic intersections! It has the M52 B28 engine. I have been towed home by the AA three times in the last week. There are no fault codes showing, and no dashboard lights on at all. I have had a professional...