1. annieharm

    Plastic Trim for Dashboard Dials

    I have searched across the vast corners of the web to find a replacement piece for the trim ring around the knob dials on my dash. (See picture.) I have been unsuccessful in locating what seems to be such a simple, small part. Does anyone have any ideas for where to find a replacement for this...
  2. annieharm

    The Little Things Make a Big Difference

    One week in and my first little DIY is complete, (thanks to Amazon fast shipping.) If you aren’t a stickler for original parts, this $10 replacement does the trick. Still waiting on parts to arrive for my other projects... Here’s the before and after:
  3. annieharm

    Replace Window or Whole Top?

    I just bought a Z3 last week. After a test drive, the salesperson demonstrated how to retract the top. Unfortunately, much to his embarrassment, the cold temperature made the vinyl window brittle and it cracked right in front of us. (I was able to use this in my negotiation to further reduce the...
  4. annieharm

    2000 Z3

    Just bought a 2000 Z3 Roadster to play around with. It’s in reasonable shape, but there will be a few projects to work on. Other than the visible body work, which I can DIY, what else should I anticipate? Any common issues or maintenance I should consider outside the basics?
  5. Pete07877

    Does anyone know how to disassemble the rear view mirror to inspect the PCB inside?

    I'm trying to check all possible causes of my remote key not syncing. I am told the PCB for the remote locking is inside the mirror? I have the mirror removed from the car and I can see the PCB inside through the hole in the bottom of the mirror but I can't see how to take apart the mirror to...
  6. L

    Finally replaced the HK subwoofer!

    When I bought my Z3 the subwoofer was blown. I bypassed it with the new Sony head unit I put in, and was just using speakers behind the seat and tweeters installed in the foot well locations. I finally broke down and put in an 8" Kicker sub, and an enclosure I found online. But I really wish I...
  7. DanielleHN

    Spraying X8R Mirror Bases

    Hi everyone As requested by @Tim beard I'll be uploading progress notes in regards to spraying the new wing mirror bases. I’ve taken photos so far of where I have got to with spraying the bases of the X8R wing mirrors I’ve bought to combat the corrosion battle. My car is Boston Green so...