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BMW Z3 A Pillar Leak Repair

A Pillar Leak Repair

  1. minesh patel
    minesh patel
    Excellent clear and helpful explanations/pictures, many thanks!
  2. BeesonBeemer
    Great write up!

    I actually saw another thread on here showing very similar thoughts. I put silicon on the triangular piece, and cleared out the drain hole. Waiting on a good rain to see if the leak is fixed. Once it is, I will have to figure out the best way to get my floors dry.....
  3. Duncraig
    As a newbie I thought the seal was torn, now I know its a plug I'll be straight there in the morning to fix it - Thanks
  4. Slam
    Very interesting read, out in heavy rain I got the occasional drip will check mine tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.
  5. mktommo
    Fantastic article... Almost certainly the cause of my slooooooow leak on my Z3 which I'll now investigate properly!
  6. Chrisr1949
    Excellent, I checked mine and the bonding was poor so was able to do it.
    I wouln't have known to check it without this. Thanks!