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Basic BMW Z3 Suspension Modifications by Mike Fishwick

Sep 9, 2017
BMW Z3 Modifications

Back in the days when cars had a separate chassis it was not unusual for the driver to see that the radiator and bonnet were moving relative to the scuttle – the front of the body’s rigid area, on which the windscreen was mounted – as the chassis flexed. This phenomenon was known as ‘Scuttle Shake,’ and largely passed away with the advent of monocoque body structures.

BMW Z3 Subtly Stiffening a Z3 by Mike Fishwick

Mar 26, 2014
BMW Z3 Modifications

The Z3 must be the most-maligned sports car ever built, most of the motoring press and television presenters pouring scorn on it, particularly for its use of ‘old fashioned’ semi-trailing arm rear suspension from the E36 Compact. The same people, of course, are full of hysterical praise for the E30 M3, which has the same suspension, but which is set up for a more specialised task.

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