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  • gookah
    gookah replied to the thread New garage / garden project.
    well, a positive I can take from that, is that you finally acknowledged that I wasn't just sitting on that chair, Anyway, wasn't...
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  • petecossie
    I often have a look in the Practical Classic Mag as there is often some great articles in it. I meet Nigel Clark and the editor Danny...
  • Stevo7682
    Stevo7682 replied to the thread For Sale Red 2.8 Z3.
    I would be wanting more details about what happened in 2009 to cause it to be written off. A cat c has been in an accident, flood or...
  • g8jka
    g8jka replied to the thread New garage / garden project.
    Update is that the roof blew off in the wind and the sides collapsed a couple of days later. Must have been @gookah's dodgy building. I...
  • Pingu
    Pingu replied to the thread Pingu's Kit Car Project.
    Your air-con fan was seized solid, so I replaced it with a non-S50 one. It involved quite a lot of work modifying the fan shroud. I'll...
  • gookah
    gookah replied to the thread New garage / garden project.
    what about an update.......... @g8jka
  • Mazza
    Mazza replied to the thread Bognor Lean-to Project.
    Not been doing much...since the beam and trailings arms were condemned, but nearly back on track now, as just the O/S trailing arm to...
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  • NabsNabsNabs
    NabsNabsNabs replied to the thread For Sale Z3 gear knob.
    I'm interested if this hasn't gone?
  • mwpe
    mwpe replied to the thread Spare wheel delete..
    The other thing which I am sure many others do is to take the spacesaver out at least once a year and clean it up. I may be 20+ years...
  • Paul Rice
    Paul Rice replied to the thread Event Thoresby 31st May.
    Will be wearing my car park attendant hat and the obligatory limp to guide you all in
  • Dakar Z3
    Dakar Z3 replied to the thread Greatings z Heads.
    Hello and :welcome: From Sunderland
  • Dakar Z3
    Hello and :welcome: From Sunderland
  • Stevo7682
    The original Mats have a fixing kit. You could buy an aftermarket fixing kit and secure the mat with them
  • Stevo7682
    Stevo7682 replied to the thread Spare wheel delete..
    Every problem has a solution Mike :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Stephen.
  • Neilb62
    Neilb62 replied to the thread Carpet mat clips secures moving.
    I fixed mine using a large rawlplug, it’s holding so far 🤞