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Hi do you have the rubber seal passenger side thats on the roof that meet the wndscreen pillar mines worn through got dripping when raining cheers
Hello Southernboy,
just saw your post, that the seat lifts are available again.
Would you still have one and be able to post to New Zealand?
Hi Charlie
I am waiting on some from the engineering guy I use. I will let you know in about a week.
Hi there,
Do you still have any of the seat lift kits? I am located in the US (Kansas). Thanks, CHW
Hi all looking for exhaust for my z3 just require the back part from cat.but mine seems to be one piece from manifold,is they anybody that can point me in rite direction seems shame to have to replace all of,car has the m43 engine.
Many thanks lee
Looking for help managed to sort the coding of the barrel .
when removing the pins from the surround of glove box handle this spring in pic 2 fell out any ideas where it locates ?
Any pics of people who’ve done this repair thank you in advance
Looking for help how do I remove the lock cylinder from my glove box handle .
I have removed the screws from the glovebox but the Handel & surround are attached .
Can anyone help
Morning Gaz I just noticed that daker sent me a PM as a test on Thursday but no notification came through to me ? Geoff
Hi Barry. As of yet I am still to receive my seatbelt guide clips... I sent payment to you on the 23rd april this year.. can you tell me the holdup please.