Zorg Merchandise Range Launched!


Zorg Addict
Jun 7, 2012
Hi everyone!

It's been a long time in the making, but we can now launch our initial range of merchandise. I locked Board in the dungeons here at Zorg Towers for the last few days until he got it sorted!

http://zroadster.org/merchandise You will also find a link on the header and footer, and also the home page!

We looked at all sorts of options to provide this range, but we don't yet have the ability to be able buy in bulk or hold stock. Finally it was decided that out sourcing was the best way forwards (Board has previous good experience of the company we have selected). Anything you order will be shipped directly to you, making the transaction a lot more straight forwards. It also allows us to offer a larger range of items too (iPad case anyone, or perhaps a bath robe?)

To make a purchase you will need to register a seperate account with SpreadShirt (It's fairly obvious when you click on the link, but let any of the mods know if you have a question).

We plan to introduce other more personally customised items to the range as and when we can source them.

Thank you for your support

The Zorg Admin Team!