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Dec 5, 2011
I am able to post this having had the go ahead from the BMWCC office
I have copied the entry from the club website and you are ALL able to use the code to get the BOGOF offer.

The Silverstone Classic booking office has just been opened, and, we have received our club discount code to enable members displaying their cars with us on the special BMWCC area, to receive buy one, get one free entrance tickets, as well as a infield display parking pass, at the lowest possible purchase prices up to March 31st. Note you will need to nominate the car you will take, as the model and the registration number will be pre printed onto the pass. Have these details available when you make your booking.

Optional on site hotel room, or, camping facilities, are also bookable at the same time.


Car Club Member Early Bird Tickets Advanced Tickets
BGOF Ticket Price Matrix Until 31st March 1st April to 31st May

Friday 20th July £35 £40

Saturday 21st July £50 £55
Note - imited availability

Sunday 22nd July £45 £50

2 Day Fri-Sat 20th/21st £60 £70

2 Day Sat - Sun 21st/22nd £70 £80

3 Day Weekend £80 £95

Club Reference code for BOGOF discount is - C12112
Bookings can be made online at -- OR by phone to 0871 2310849
Remember to quote the club code early on to ensure you get the correct price offers

NOTE - Silverstone Classic may only issue one display pass per registered car booking, for minimum 2 people attending.
NOTE - Club Sales for discount/display entrance tickets CLOSES on 31st MAY.
Details of your car, type and model, together with Registration number must be given at the time of ordering
Only FULL price general admission tickets, with no display, available during June/July.
Entry to park in Display areas must be completed by 10.00 each day, with exit not before 17.00.
On site Camping available, at the Woodlands campsite, at extra cost, at time of booking.

Price includes -Free Infield Parking; Free Grandstand use; Free access to Pits/Paddocks; Free use of bus service around circuit.
Free Fri/Sat evening Rock concerts; Free Fun Fair; Free airshows
Up to 30 hours of racing over the three days, can cost as low as £14 per day per person if booked early enough
Not open for further replies.