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Dec 7, 2011
Model of Z
2.8 Z3
I have a silver hardtop for sale that was originally fitted to my wife's previous Z3 which was Arctic silver.
I always believed this to be the colour, but after fitting it to my son's Titan Silver car I am not entirely sure.. I have a photo below of each car.

Arctic Silver

Titan Silver.

If Arctic has a slightly bluish tinge then that is the difference and colour, but to be honest looked absolutely fine on the Titan car.

The hardtop is in excellent condition bar a few light swirls, but no scratches chips or dents.
It comes with the genuine BMW storage bag that means the hardtop can be suspended from the roof of a garage or shed.

The Z we have now is Sterling Grey and I kept the hardtop, as the buyer of the old car had no requirement for it.
I also have the genuine BMW fitting kit on another thread.
I am after £650 for the hardtop and cover (collected from Telford.) Though if not too far away it could be delivered if costs were covered.
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