Z3 EV wiring help: instruments and ignition

Tom Cheesewright

Zorg Guru (I)
British Zeds
May 6, 2020
Manchester, UK
Model of Z
Would appreciate your help on a couple of things. Wiring up my EV now (see project thread for updates) and trying to find out:

- Is there a signal line that runs from the ignition switch to the DME, or to the area where it is located? There must be, right? But so far me and my multimeter haven't been able to find one. And my DME connectors seem to be wired completely differently to the pinout I have found, which doesn't help (car originally had an M43).
- Where does the wiring for the instrument cluster pass through the bulkhead/firewall? Is it in the main fuse box surround? There seem to be very few wires that go out of the black surround where the DME sits that don't go to the engine.

Any help appreciated.