Z3 3.0i Sport Strut Brace - Thanks


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Aug 21, 2021
Thanks to members who’ve posted on the subject of fitting a strut brace, with thoughts on the benefits and sharing detail on the practicalities and technical detail such as torque settings for the nuts.

Although I’m sure I should have invested some time in the health of the bushes (I think they’re ok…), I decided to fit one (a Wiecher bought from DC Performance) to my Z3 3.0i Sport as it was quick and easy.

It’s a nice cosmetic addition (I have black and red seats and might paint my brake callipers red as a winter job), but I appreciate beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Anyway, it brightens up an otherwise visually dull engine bay in a black car.

As to improving the handling, I regret my backside is not so tuned as to be able to accurately and objectively measure the various forces involved in torsional rigidity, etc. However, it felt better. The effect might well be all in the mind but, as I drive it for pleasure rather than seeking to shave fractions of seconds off lap times, that feels like success. It also felt faster, but that’s definitely all in the mind! Before and after shots attached.



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Apr 7, 2018
Yes, I painted mine a contrasting colour to brighten up the engine bay. I honestly don't know if it feels better or not as the roads around here are so bumpy!

Strut Brace.jpg