Your most surreal experience?


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Dec 5, 2011
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Whilst driving a coach around a fairly sharp 90 degree bend in Mumbles (Swansea) a few years ago I encountered a guy in a Merc SL coming the other way practically on my side of the road and going a bit too quickly for the corner.

He had no option other than to go back. He raised a hand to apologise and just as I was about to let him know what I thought of his driving I realsied that it was Michael Douglas.


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Dec 7, 2011
Shifnal, Shropshire
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Here are a few surreal times in my life:

Woke up in a tree.

I was completely alone sat on the front row of wembley arena watching the band Terrorvision, Slash and Brian May jam together playing the song "crossroads".

Got drunk in the Caribbean and ended up looking for 13 pirates dressed as a pirate nun (photos to prove).

Watch an inverted naked woman support a lit candle with a certain part of her body and sing happy birthday (sorry, no photos).

That will do for now. All this however, pales into insignificance next to Swamper. I'm not sure my brain could cope with seeing a rabbit swim underwater :-o


I have two:

1) Driving across Poland, waking up from being asleep due to a rumbling noise that was annoying me for about 15 minutes (my mind clock) and having to wake the driver because he had fallen asleep and is driving on the verge of the road, how we never crashed i will never know.

2) Waiting to board at John Lennon Airport looking at David Ackorah, thinking shall i say hello, realising he will know i want to say hello, didn't acknowledge me so did not say hello as i thought if he knows i want to say hello, but is ignoring me, then i wont say hello, which i then thought he must know that i am not going to say hello.............................I got on the plane, without a word spoken, think he hipnotized me!