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WTB / Advice - 96 Z3 1.9/4cyl Muff+Cat

Discussion in 'Z3 Roadster & Coupé' started by BuffaloZ3, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. BuffaloZ3

    BuffaloZ3 Newbie
    American Zeds

    Nov 6, 2014
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    My car was rice'fied and there is this welded PoS catalytic convertor + muffler show piece slapped on and its all welded on with chop-sticks and ghetto putty.

    Needless to say we fixed all the electrical (thank EM MEH GEWD!).

    I need to replace everything from what the mechanic tells me from the engine back - meaning, pipe->cat->resonator->muffler. The OEM part replacement seems to be 3x what I'm willing to pay - $2000. The original has problems in the cat + muffler itself rattles.


    2 questions:

    #1 - Found a salvage in Michigan, 1996 BMW Z3 -->Automatic<--, 1.9 natural asp.
    --- condition is "would like to sell my 96 BMW Z3. It has a 1.9 liter four cylinder engine with an automatic transmission. It was involved in a saltwater flood. The engine turns over fine and the computers have been replaced. It fires and stalls. It needs to have the key programmed to a new security computer. The interior is also rough. The dash is fine and all was working fine, but the seats and carpet are in poor condition. I would like to sell the whole car, although I might part it out"
    ---- question ----
    a. Worth buying the whole car just for the parts above, and just hock everything else to cover the cost??

    b. What concerns should I have?

    c. Will I have to worry about an automatic transmission part transfer to a 5-speed manual Z3?

    #2. - If its a REALLY bad idea to go the above route ...
    a. What would someone recommend for a NYS legal direct fit, cat/res/muff/pipes non-OEM replacement?

    b. ....

    Looking for advice on the situation I'm dealing with