Will car insurance go up or down in 2014?


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Feb 10, 2013
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This is all IMHO and my RANT

Sorry but I don't feel sorry for insurance companies at all.

Esp today when I have spoken to someone who got tapped up the rear end in a 2008 Corsa and the insurance company Cat C'd it,
my friend bought it back and got the bumper(only damage) repaired for £60. Try explaining that one and know they have a mark against
them which was in no way their fault.

I could go on and on but shall not.

We have to have it and we get ripped off by the companies all of the time and from what I read its going to happen again.
They are in the business of risk and that says it all.

I await for my renewal with an increase until I make the phone call and discuss the cost and if the usual happens the cost increase will somehow disappear.

And if it does go up I bet its by more than inflation or your pay rise.
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