What not to do


Zorg Guru (IV)
British Zeds
The West Country
Oct 15, 2013
Verwood Dorset
Model of Z
2.8 Roadster
Several months ago I was doing some work on Zelda in the garage and it involved rolling about on the floor under the car, I then noticed I had an old rug curled up in the corner ready for the dump, then I had a stupid brain wave why not lay the rug on the floor under the car and make life a little more comfortable, I then left the rug on the floor under the car, about 7 months later I took her for a mot she passed OK but I had advisories all about surface rust on the bottom of the car I spoke to the garage as I could not understand why then it hit me the car being parked in the garage over the rug was holding moister just the same as parking on grass it has now cost me a couple of cans of rust remover and several cans of Hamerite smooth and about 25 hours work lesson learnt be warned.