Wanted E30 Differential 3.73



Guys as in the title I am after an E30 Differential 3.73 ratio for my Z3, I believe they were fitted to the 318ti and that I may need 325i drive shafts. So if you have any of these items in good working condition please let me know, and lets see if we can put a deal together.


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Jan 7, 2012
Hong Kong
Model of Z
Z3 2.8 Roadster M52B28
I had a 3.64 final drive ratio on my Z3 2.8 from stock 3.15 and found it too low even for city driving. 1st gear is next to useless and you are in 5th at a very low speed and can never shift down for cornering unless a very tight bend. 62mph in 5th was at 3000rpm which I found too high, even though I do not do motorway cruising. I now have a 3.38 and it is much much better with good & useful down gearing from stock and 62mph on 5th is now 2600rpm. I would think 3.64 is also to low for the track unless it is a go cart track! ... good luck with your 3.73, but that is my story with altering Final Drive Ratios


Thanks Peter it's always good to get actual user advice in these things, it was my concern also but talking to the 318ti guys, they swear by it, so I have to try for myself.

I have driven a couple of six pots and I can understand why you got the result you did, the gearbox ratios are quite lazy. They are different on the 1.9, and makes for different driving experience, do results may be different.

Hopefully, will get the chance to try shortly...........