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There is an interesting discussion over on the coupe forum where somebody has found a guy that can decode your VIN showing you the exact date of build and all the options fitted. Now this is not new as there have been several posts across the forums with details on how to obtain this information but what is different in this case is that this guy can give you a bit more information like what position your car is in the production run how many were made of your colour etc. so it is worth giving it a go so you can get a little bit more history about your Zed.

All you need to do is click the link below and register on the site which requires only the bare minimum of info and then post a request on the page, he appears to be responding very quickly (withn 24hours) so no waiting around really.

My Z3M is apparantly the 114th one to be made out of 8 on the day of 20/01/1998 and there were 56 Arctic/Imola colour combo's made in total.

Click here for VIN info

Post up if you think you have some rare option or generally to discuss what you have found out about your Zed. :D


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Sep 4, 2014
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That's cool


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For those interested this is the best free vin decoder I could find

It's for BMW and MINI.
Finally a decoder that tells me the individual green inserts I have came from factory and are walknappa mexico green.
I can sleep much better from now on.
On the low side, I will never find somebody who will reupholster my wheel with that same mexico green insert again...

Following items are in leather walknappa mexicogreen (nb. 2 136 747) -
gear lever gaiter (if automatic transmission: selector lever gaiter) -handbrake
lever gaiter sewing thread mexicogreen (nb.: 2 272 125) and quilting yarn in
mexicogreen (nb.: 2 272 124), color code 5876 B Steering wheel in leather
montana black (8 171 304) lower part (including M-Emblem) in walknappa
mexicogreen (2 136 747) quilting yarn black (1 963 800), code 0020. Soft top in
dark green, opt. 392 M door mirror in body paint
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