update on slk


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Aug 16, 2020
Guys nearly two weeks ago the dealer brought the slk to my door.An apparently really nice man?I drove it an imediately new a spring was broken.His ad said it had been totally serviced, and totally valeted and will have year mot on it.So i like the car with some reservations.we shook hands on a deal where he would take the z4 an d i would add cash.He emailed the next day i was right it had a spring broken it would take a while for his mechanic to get a new one?nearly two weeks later i havnt heard from him?has he done the dirty on me, and sold it to someone else?i dont know and dont want to ring him to hear any blarney,im not in the mood!have you guys any ideas on the situation.ps bringing a car with a spring broken when you said in the ad it was perfect is a glaring red flag.Dont you get tired of people trying to treat you like a fool when its only they are the real fools ?


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Nov 25, 2012
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Sounds dodgy to me, turning up with a broken spring after saying it was serviced, makes you wonder what else is lurking. Mate has a nice SLK pristine on top but rear end subframe was found to be corroded and had to be replaced. I would want any prospective purchase up on a ramp and do a close inspection of the underside.